Be Real…

Have you ever heard someone say; “be real?” What is meant by this statement?

The tendency is to pretend to be something we are not, even being hypocritical.

Being real involves being authentic, true to oneself, genuine, even transparent.

This is not popular when it comes to leadership. We want others to see an image of what we want to be or what we think they want us to be, or even expect us to be, thus not real.

I have found this true in spiritual leaders, including myself. I good friend told me that people need to see the same man up front preaching as they greet at the back door.

Give this some thought.

Do we really take on a different personality when we get up to preach or teach? Do we excuse such by calling it passion?

If our personality is not passionate outside the pulpit, then why would we become so in the pulpit?

Leading others brings many challenges and this one is perhaps one of the most difficult. However, if we really want to lead others, then we need to BE REAL!

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