How Will Our Leadership Be Remembered?

The mind is powerful and there is no way to explore how our mind works or how much of the brain remains untapped.

It is fascinating just to think about the ability we have to remember. We are able to remember events from many years before. We are also able to remember dates, places, names, smells, sounds, and thousands of other areas.

Sadly, a person can do good their whole life and then make a bad choice and all the good is forgotten. They will be remembered for the mistake. Thankfully, the opposite is generally true.

Spiritual leaders must consider every area of their life. Knowing that people remember what they see longer than what they hear, how will our leadership be remembered?

Will it be remembered for our words or actions?
Will it be remembered for being a servant of others?

People are always watching. The higher we go in leadership the more visible our lives become and, sadly, the more our lives are lived under a microscope.

Before we speak or act, it is worth the time to consider how our leadership will be remembered.

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