Comfort In Time Of Tragedy…

Everyone is aware of the recent tragedy in Colorado where 12 people lost their lives and multiple others were injured when a young man walked into a movie theater and began shooting.

The outpouring of love, memorial service, websites dedicated to those left behind, and the articles written demonstrate how such an event touches us.

However, what can be said to comfort the families who are hurting? How can we provide answers to why an event such as this occurs? Where can solace be found?

We know words written on a page or spoken from our hearts cannot replace their loss.

At times there is comfort in silence, a gentle hug, a prayer, and time.

I am not certain how God works in every situation to heal and comfort the hurting. For me, a hug and prayer can make a difference.

I may not find all the answers I am seeking, but knowing God is there and that He is working in every situation helps me find hope beyond the present.

Let us all lead with the compassion of God to comfort others in time of tragedy.

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