Leadership Word Of The Week…Decisive

One of the qualities of good leaders is being decisive. In a recent discussion with a friend, the subject of nurses in Critical Care Units came up. He had experienced some time in the CCU after surgery and he specifically noted a difference in the type of nurses who worked in this unit versus the regular floor nurses.

When I inquired as to the difference, the main idea expressed involved their quick decisiveness in emergency situations.

Obviously, as leaders not every situation will be one of an emergency level. However, to hesitate can cost one’s leadership severely.

While there are thousands of decisions we make each day, i.e. what clothes to wear, food to eat, places to visit, etc. Most of these decisions are inconsequential.

There are some decisions that have eternal consequences, i.e. who we marry, how children are trained, where we live, people we associate with, obeying God’s word, etc.

Therefore, the decisiveness of spiritual leaders can change the eternal destination of others who follow their leadership.

Be decisive and lead with eternity in view. Think Souls!

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