Not Just Another Day…

Today is the first day of August 2012. On the surface today may not seem different from any other day.

However, a look at history shows a number of significant events. On this day in…

1834 slavery was abolished throughout the British empire.
1867 blacks voted for the first time in a state election in Tennessee.
1946 President Truman establishes the Atomic Energy Commission.
1975 Thirty-eight government leaders signed the Helsinki accord.
2001 Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has a Ten Commandments monument installed in the judiciary building.

There are a number of events that occurred on this day and a number of famous leaders were born.

With such history could today be just another day? Not a chance.

A number of events from the past can make a difference in history. Regardless, today is an opportunity to influence someone for the cause of Christ.

Lead them to the Savior of the world. Help them find forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. Share the news of a God who loves them.

This is not just another day.

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