Shaping Culture…

A number of presidents, dictators, and religious leaders have been instrumental in the direction of culture and society. However, a question must be considered: Did these leaders shape culture or did culture shape these leaders?

Initially, we might naturally think the answer is both. Certainly the culture has an influence on leadership and leadership has an influence on culture.

From a spiritual point of view, leaders cannot allow the culture to dictate the direction of God’s people, but leaders must shape the culture.

A leaders task is to shape the culture into the image of our Lord and Savior.

A leaders efforts must be to influence others for the Lord, leading those without Christ into fellowship with God through Christ.

How can leaders shape the culture today?

Leaders must understand the present culture.
Leaders must recognize the need within culture.
Leaders must provide an example to the culture.
Leaders must lead into a different, spiritual culture.

Just a step in the right direction will help shape the changes needed in culture to direct a greater focus toward Christ.

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