Leadership Word Of The Week…Source

Technically, the idea involves a person, place or thing from which something comes or can be obtained, and for our purposes, it will be connected to knowledge.

The source for anything we could list becomes a valuable resource or tool.

Finding a source for clean, pure water can mean life to a community of people.

Acquiring a source for assistance in the achievement of financial stability can secure the future development of a nation.

We would also agree that a source for salvation changes the eternal destiny of the world.

Thankfully, in God’s omniscience, He provided and fulfilled a plan through which Jesus became the source of eternal salvation to all those who obey Him.

When it comes to our leadership, do others see us as a source where they can come and obtain what is needed to help them learn how to receive God’s grace?

Do we provide a source for others to grow spiritually?

The responsibility is great. I urge you to pray with me for more to see the need and stand in the fight against the spiritual forces of darkness and be a source of light.

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