Is Learning Really Taking Place?

As a teacher there are many factors to be considered for a successful classroom experience.

We are all aware of making sure the material is interesting and the environment is beneficial for the students.

We may employ visual aids, i.e. PowerPoint, whiteboard or handouts. We may incorporate dialogue.

Whatever we choose the bottom-line involves learning. Is the student learning the material being presented? Is the learning environment conducive for everyone?

The most common mistake made is the idea that teachers teach and students learn. This mentality leads to a lecture style of teaching and it tends to avoid discussion that might challenge the thinking of the teacher.

In reality, as teachers who lead in a wonderful environment, it is important to approach the class from one of being a student ourselves. We need to use the opportunity to learn from our students.

They come with knowledge, life experience, and abilities that make the classroom exactly what it should be; a place where everyone learns.

I look forward to another year of learning together with others God’s will for our lives.

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