Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Arrogance is ignorance in a suit.” Michael Weed

The more I read this quote, the more I want to make sure I guard my heart from arrogance.

When seen we do not like it and we become critical. Arrogance is evidenced in several areas. The following is a good explanation.

“A strongly arrogant person will usually try to downplay other people’s achievements or ideas in order to make himself appear better. Arrogant people will even ignore or downplay good ideas from others, as they cannot accept that others might have better ideas than themselves. This makes reasonable communication difficult and arguments impossible to resolve fairly as the arrogant person will not accept the other person’s point of view, no matter how logical/intuitive or correct it is, because the arrogant person is really having an emotional argument about his own arrogance.” http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Arrogant

Understanding the issue explains the quote by Weed. Because one who is arrogant does not recognize such indicates an ignorance beyond their own intelligence level.

Leadership must guard against being or appearing arrogant. It is destructive to our influence and credibility.

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