Leadership Word Of The Week…Action

The Bible is filled with words and phrases connected to action.

James teaches us to be “doers of the word, not merely hears.” It is self-deception to think we can listen to God’s word and never take action to make changes in our life.

Jesus described a wise man and a foolish man. Both men heard the same message, but the difference was seen in that the wise man acted upon the words of Jesus and the foolish man did not.

Perhaps there is another lesson to be learned from the emphasis upon setting an example. Paul uses the terminology “be an imitator of me, as I am of Christ.” He also urged the church in Philippi to join in following his example. Both passages indicate action by the one setting the example and by the one emulating it.

Leaders lead by example. Our lives should be seen as acting upon the words of Jesus. As such, we leave an example for others that is worth emulating.

Considering our influence, maybe we can understand the need to help others be more Christlike through our actions.

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