How Soon We Forget…

God reminded the children of Israel, on more than one occasion, not to forget all He had done for them by bringing them into the promised land. His concern was over an area we continue to struggle with today, i.e. thinking pridefully.

God did not want Israel to believe it was by the strength of their own hands they accomplished victory, but to remember their dependence upon the Almighty.

Our world today continually fights this battle of dependence, or perhaps, independence.

On an international level, countries strive to achieve independence. They want to  stand on their own, make their own way, and establish their own direction.

On a professional level, several areas of independence are demonstrated in the business world as individuals and companies work for the same.

On a personal level, if we are not careful, we train our children with the same mindset. We want them to grow up and learn how to make it on their own.

From a leadership perspective, we need to be teaching how to be dependent upon God and let Him take care of the rest, rather than independent.

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