Leadership Word Of The Week…Project

What is the latest project you have been working on in your career, personal life or family?

How would you evaluate the progress of the project?

Have you determined when the project will be completed?

Will the project have benefit to others, or is it just a matter of personal satisfaction?

Why did you start this project originally?

Did you determine what it would cost to complete the project?

Do you have the same enthusiasm for the project as when you started?

When do you make time for working on the project?

Does the project come before family, friends, or work?

Who else knows about the project and how did they learn about it?

Where do you hope to be when the project is completed?

Is there a possibility the project has distracted you from the most important purpose in life?

I know I have asked numerous questions, but our projects can help or hinder us in our leadership. If we are not asking the right questions, we may even be unaware of the affect our projects have on our relationship with others.

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