Leadership Word Of The Week…Development

Development carries a number of significant applications. The one I prefer involves a specified state of growth or advancement.

The indication of development is connected to measurement. With development we should have a means by which we are able to measure or determine the specified growth or advancement.

The challenge is learning how to measure our leadership. How can leadership be accurately assessed for growth and advancement?

I am not sure if there is a more difficult question to answer, but here are a few possible suggestions.

First, and foremost, consider the activity of those who are following. If there is no activity, then our leadership is probably not growing. Growth can quickly be measured by the application of others.

Second, examine carefully the feedback responses that are given. Positive and negative feedback have a powerful place in the growth and development being assessed.

Third, find a mentor. The value of having someone to examine the growth and advancement of leadership is immeasurable. A good mentor can make the difference.

While there are many other suggestions, development of leadership is critical to the advancement and growth of any work.

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