Checklist For Life And Leadership…

Success can often be linked to the achievement of goals. Considering the necessity of a daily “to-do” list, we find great value in checking off each item accomplished. As we look back over what we have done at the end of the day, there is a sense of pride associated with the success achieved.

Leaders understand how a complete life is one built upon daily achievement over an extended period.

What is the point?

The only way we are able to enjoy the success of the complete life is when we know what we are trying to achieve.

Talking about a checklist for life and leadership has little meaning if we are not aware of where we are going.

Another thought we need to connect with this post involves the fact that we cannot develop a plan / checklist to achieve success unless we have an idea of where we are headed.

I will be the first to say we all need a checklist for life and leadership. If we are leading people to eternal life, then we must know how to lead them there.

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