A Thing To Be Achieved…

What is the most significant project we are working on at the present? Is the project worth being achieved? Will the outcome make a difference in the lives of others?

When it comes to our effort to lead others there are some things worth being achieved in our leadership. Consider a few of the following suggestions.

Be an Andrew. His name appears only a few times in the New Testament, and it is generally in a list of the apostles. While we might not remember his name, we certainly know his brother, Peter. Andrew was responsible for bringing Peter to Jesus. For leaders, this is a task worth achieving.

Be a Barnabas. The very name means “son of encouragement.” Providing encouragement to others is one of the greatest achievements as a leader.

Be a Timothy. The very purpose Timothy served in Ephesus was to preach the word and teach those who were faithful to teach others. Such activity would ensure salvation for everyone involved.

These are only three suggestions, but if we work to achieve the activity of each, we will provide a leadership that makes a spiritual difference.

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