Leadership Word Of The Week…Constant

Few areas in life seem to be constant. The idea behind this word involves remaining the same over an extended time.

Children need a constant they know will provide a consistent standard by example and instruction for how they need to live.

Employees need employers to be a constant in providing direction for the future growth and development of companies.

The implication for spiritual leadership is obviously the same. Why? Because God has provided a constant in every area necessary for life and godliness.

His word does not change. He does not change. His plans and the gospel are eternal.

Since God is such a constant for life, our efforts must be to develop the qualities needed to demonstrate the constant of life for others.

Ultimately, we are talking about growing to maturity in our leadership. The more we grow, the more constant we are as leaders, and the more our maturity is seen.

If there was ever something needed within the church, for the world to see, it would be a life lived by the constant of God’s word.

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