What Are We Seeking?

Reading through the Gospels reveals the idea of seeking in several contexts.

Matthew shows how Jesus emphasizes the need for disciples to make a priority of seeking the kingdom of God, along with promising that when we seek we will find.

Mark indicates the religious leaders were seeking a sign from Jesus, but their motives were impure and Jesus said no sign would be given.

Luke speaks about the areas of seeking characterized by the material versus the spiritual.

John’s Gospel is one where the idea of seeking is indicated by those following Jesus, as well as, the motivation of Jesus. Here is where the post is focused.

Jesus was clearly seeking to do the will of the Father, to glorify Him. As spiritual leaders, what are we seeking to do or accomplish with our leadership?

We have been entrusted with a great opportunity and responsibility. What we are seeking makes all the difference in the lives we touch.

Let us always seek to prioritize the kingdom in our life and glorify our Father by our leadership. With such leadership lives will be changed forever. Think Souls.

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