Leadership Word Of The Week…Temperament

Temperament involves a person’s nature as it permanently affects their behavior. Chew on that thought for a minute.

What kind of nature is permanently affecting our behavior?

There is an obvious connection to the emotional drive in our lives. This emotional drive could be related to anger or patience, an attitude of discontent or one of contentment. The list is endless, but the challenge is a pressing reality.

The example of our behavior in the presence of others affects the power of our leadership.

With both Christian and nonChristian alike watching our every move, it seems significant to consider why we must make certain to develop the kind of temperament that ensures a behavior of excellence.

We must strive to live more consistently like Christ in our attitudes, words and actions. The distinguished line determining how the world views Christ is often drawn on the basis of our character.

Perhaps this is why Jesus identified His disciples as the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We are to use our words and actions to provide an example of a temperament controlled by God.

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