Time Oriented Leadership…

A time oriented culture can be tough. Everything has a place and a scheduled time to be completed. The day begins and ends around the schedule.

Spiritually, the challenges of a time oriented leadership create difficulties in when and how?

When is the most convenient time to develop the plans and begin the work? The key idea behind this question is “convenient.” The problem we face in our culture is the desire for what is convenient. If the amount of time to be given is an inconvenience, then it is not likely to get people involved.

How much time has been given to accomplish the task? Leaders will have to work within the perimeters of the time given by others to carry out the work. Therefore, it is crucial to know the specifics of how much time each phase of the work is going to take. There will need to be the obvious factors for changes and delays that occur.

If answers can be given to these questions, and leadership provided, then the time oriented nature of the culture can be used for reaching the goal.

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