Leadership Word Of The Week…Challenges

If there was one word to characterize life and leadership it would be challenges. A number of definitions are given for this word, but the one I like is “a task or situation to test someone’s abilities.”

What will test our abilities? We do not have the space to exhaust the possibilities.

However, there are a couple of truths to remember about challenges to our leadership.

We are going to face challenges. The intensity and the length of the challenge are unpredictable.

Challenges that test our abilities will be unique. No two individuals are alike, nor any two challenges.

Remember challenges are temporary. I love the saying; “this too shall pass.” Regardless of the intensity and length, eventually the test will end.

Overcoming challenges begins and ends at the throne of God. No one provides help like our Lord.

Challenges always serve a greater purpose. If we understand the power and will of God, we know He is working to an end that is best for us.

I do not know of anyone who enjoys challenges, but I do know the result can be beneficial to our leadership.

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  1. Chris Misko says:

    Great Insight!!!

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