Signature Of Leadership…

Each e-mail I send has a signature. The signature provides my contact information, along with a link to the Leadership Fund blog site. However, thinking about the signature reminds me of a far greater purpose behind the signature of our leadership.

By definition, we can learn that a signature is a “distinctive pattern, product or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified.”

The thought of this definition is rich in connection to our leadership and there are several words deserving attention.

Identified: how and by what are we identified when it comes to our leadership? The way our leadership is identified becomes a key part of our signature.

Pattern, produce, characteristic: these three terms all play a role in the way our leadership is identified. It goes without saying, but godliness must be connected to all three.

Distinctive: perhaps the most significant word in our definition is distinctive. Something must stand out and set us apart when identifying our leadership.

The signature of spiritual leadership sets us apart from the world and for use by God to His glory. Now that is a signature worth developing.

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