Planting The Seed…Part 2

Jesus often spoke in parables related to sowing seed. One such parable that provides lessons for our leadership is the Parable of the Tares. Four lessons stand out.

The enemy is working against successful leadership. The evil one is sowing seeds of lawlessness among God’s people. Leadership must recognize and distinguish good from evil, learning the best way to lead through the growth process.

Patience is needed, even when evil grows in the midst of good. Far too often the world will be seen in the midst of the church. Patience is needed to identify and address it at the appropriate time.

Time will reveal the intentions of the heart. Leaders understand there are periods where good and evil may have a similar appearance, but fruit provides evidence of the true intent of the heart.

Light always triumphs over darkness. God will always win in the end. The light of truth, the faithfulness of His children, and the coming of Christ will eliminate the work of Satan.

Leaders must learn to approach and deal with these areas with great faithfulness to God.

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