Leadership Word Of The Week…Present

Several thoughts come to mind when thinking about this word. On special occasions a present is often given or exchanged to express love and thankfulness. We call it a gift.

Concerning leadership, there is another thought we should consider. The idea is one of being present “in the moment.” It is challenging to provide good, spiritual leadership if we are not there when needed.

However, if we stop and think for a moment, there is something deeper we need to see from this idea of being present.

The idea under discussion is more than being physically present. The thought is one of being engaged intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Leaders must be present, focused on the person or situation. To be physically present, but unengaged leaves the impression we do not care, we are distracted, and/or our priorities are not in the best interest of those we lead.

The next time we speak with others, do not look at someone else walking by or think about appointments and activities. Be present, in that moment and give undivided attention to the other person. Think Souls.

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