The Last Mile Of The Way…

This is the last week of the quarter for the students at the Bear Valley Bible Institute. They will take final exams and prepare for the campaign week ahead.

Freshman are reaching a wonderful milestone as they complete the first leg of this two year journey. Seniors are one quarter away from the end of this journey.

All the students, whether beginning or nearing the end, at some point think about what they will leave behind when they finish their studies.

Leaders from all walks of life, especially with a spiritual focus, will eventually face the last mile of their walk on earth. When this time comes, what is left behind is the true measure of our leadership.

We should never wait until we reach the end to determine what we want to leave behind. Instead, we need to be thinking about the end from the beginning. Once we know what we want to leave behind, we need to be working to make sure the last mile of the way is one we are prepared to walk, knowing the future is secured with what we leave behind.

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