Leadership Word Of The Week…Work

This is not always a favorite among the four lettered word category. The very idea implies something difficult, strenuous, effort, and too much time.

However, there are many blessings associated with work and the definition indicates that which is associated with purpose.

We enjoy a sense of accomplishment, or fulfillment. Work carries an implication of reward or earned wage. Everyone appreciates knowing they have done something acknowledged by others as beneficial to the overall good of the group.

Leadership is about purpose. There is purpose in having leadership set goals, provide direction, encourage involvement, address challenges, and stay the course…work.

When there is purpose, the work is effortless. With purpose, what leaders do may be classified as work, but the joy of achieving the purpose sets aside any attachment to negativity.

Work digs deep for a greater purpose. Work is what is needed to reach souls with the gospel.

Do not be afraid of work, but rather embrace it. Leaders should know the value of how work can make the load lighter and the rest sweeter.

Try it. You might like it. Think Souls!

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