Navigating Stormy Waters…

No one likes the storms of life. No one wants to handle the challenges of family, financial, relational, or health problems. However, we know there are no exemptions from the need to navigate through stormy waters.

Because leaders will face and navigate through rough times, what will help us move our life and the lives of others into smooth, still waters?

Know we are not alone. Others have faced rough waters before. We need to lean on one another, learn from one another, and encourage one another when we face these challenges.

Reflect on the previous victories. Rough waters have a tendency of helping us grow stronger in our relationship with God and others. The result helps us through the waters ahead.

Remember to keep the proper priorities. The danger is to drift back to habits from the old life, associating with old friends, and getting involved in activities that weaken our leadership.

Rely on the navigational instrument(s). Do not rely on the senses. The navigational instrument of God’s word is where we find the courage to face any challenge and steer safely to calmer waters.

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