Leading From The Middle…

Twenty-nine years ago today the second of three children was born into our family.

Over the years we have heard much about the middle child within family relationships. Some information was fitting and some not. We have learned that each child is unique in their own ways.

Considering all our children have been through, the idea of being in the middle develops an interesting thought for leadership…leading from the middle.

Everyone is in the middle at some point. We lead those who work below us and we work for people leading above us.

A few key principles stand out from a position referred to by John Maxwell as the 360 Degree Leader.

Leadership influence works both ways, up and down. Use the position to make the difference.

Invaluable opportunities exist for the greater good from the middle. Think about it, there is opportunity to learn from and change both worlds.

This provides the greatest leverage for leading. The work does not fall completely on the leader in the middle.

As Christians, we all lead from the middle, no matter where we are on the spectrum.

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