In The Grand Scheme Of Things…

Have we ever considered the “grand scheme” of things and perhaps our role as a leader in that scheme?

When we examine Scripture we find God’s grand scheme, what is often referred to as mission. God’s mission unfolds from the beginning and is providentially guided throughout the history of Israel down to the coming and crucifixion of Jesus.

The power of this mission / scheme is the unfolding of God’s continued involvement in our present day. This is where you and I come onto the scene.

If we are not careful it is easy to get distracted, wrapped up, delayed, or even drawn away by the menial and trivial areas of life and our priorities are distorted. The result causes us to forget God’s grand scheme and our role in that scheme.

We need to be praying that God will open the doors. We also need to pray we have the wisdom to see those opportunities and that we have the courage to pursue what God has placed before us to fulfill the grand scheme.

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  1. C. W. Stafford says:

    Good writing my friend!

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