Leadership Word Of The Week…Pressure

What creates pressure? Confrontation? Health problems? Financial difficulties? Family issues? Spiritual conflict?

What causes us to feel pressure? Is it when our belief structure is challenged? Do we feel pressure when we know something is not right, but we just do not want to deal with the possible fallout? Perhaps we feel pressure when thinking about addressing traditions we have bound, but we know such change is hard, even though needed.

Whatever it may be, we need leaders who are courageous and willing to stand up and deal with such issues.

Pressure will always be a part of leadership. Pressure is increased even further for spiritual leaders because of the eternal consequences weighed in the balances of each decision.

However, when we are unwilling to deal with issues because of the pressure we are only delaying greater pressure with graver consequences.

As the song encourages, “Rise up o men of God! Have done with lesser things. Give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of kings.”

Accept that there will be pressure. Address and correct it with what is Biblically right.

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