Leadership Motive…

People become leaders for different reasons. At times, the situation demands someone step up and lead. Crisis has moved people into leadership on numerous occasions.

Selfish ambition is a motivating factor for many to lead. The desire to personally benefit from a position of power is appealing to the majority in secular leadership.

The secular field is not the only environment where selfish ambition exists. The apostle Paul referenced those who were leading out of such motives within spiritual circles (Phil. 1:15).

However, there are those who are leading with the right motives and the result is powerful.

Spiritual leadership is about leading with the right motives. Behind every thought, every action, every decision, there should be the proper motive.

Developing this motive is a process consisting of three key factors.

One, a relationship with Christ, personally, but not separately from the collective body.

Two, an understanding of Scripture, both the milk and meat of God’s word.

Three, a compassion for the eternal condition of others, saved and lost.

Considering these three factors can help us check and develop the motive godly leaders should possess.

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