Lifelong Development…

I recently began a course on leadership. The nature of the course involves understanding how leadership is a lifelong process. Among the books I have read a number of areas are worth considering. Let me share a few.

Leadership is developed over time. Becoming a leader is not accomplished through simply taking a course or reading a book. God works throughout our lifetime to train us and give us the experience needed to develop our leadership.

Developing a leader can involve periods of suffering (isolation). Voluntary and involuntary events occur throughout life causing us to step back and reflect on who and where we are in relationship to God and others. These times may involve isolation used to help us reflect and prepare us for greater leadership.

Proper perspective is the goal of leadership development. As challenging as periods of suffering can be, they help us with a better understanding of God and His guidance, if our perspective is one that sees God’s hand in the events of our life.

If we can learn to trust in God’s working, we will become the masterpiece He is making of us.

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