Leadership Word Of The Week…Heart

The Bible speaks a great deal about the heart. We must love the Lord with all our heart. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. From within, out the heart, flow the various issues of life.

Heart is often associated with the seat of emotions. As well, there is a great connection of the heart and mind.

Regarding leadership, heart is vital to our approach and development.

Without heart, how can we connect to those we are influencing?
Without heart, what motive supports the structure of our leadership?
Without heart, why would we remain steadfast in the midst of trials?

What benefits are brought to leadership when heart is involved?

With heart leaders dream of the future and what can be accomplished.
With heart leaders hold true to their integrity in relationship with God and others.
With heart leaders invest in the lives of others to help them reach their potential.
With heart leaders plan with diligence and confidence.
With heart leaders will step out with trust in God’s guidance and providential working to achieve His purpose and will.

Let us lead with heart!

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