The Chance Of A Lifetime…

Numerous statistics, at the extremes, exist concerning the perspective people have about being a leader.

One report claims that 70-80% of people think they are a leader and only 2-3% actually are a leader. Another report claims that only 2-3% even see themselves as a leader.

Wherever you and I fall into this statistical information, leading others is the chance of a lifetime. I do not say this because of the glory, glamor, power or prestige that may be affiliated with the idea of leading others. More accurately, I say it for opposite reasons.

We know the blessing of being a Christian. We know the significance of what God has done for us through Christ. We know the beautiful nature of the church Jesus came to build. We also know the responsibility God’s word teaches us of leading others to Jesus.

Consider the opportunity of helping someone who is walking in darkness see the light, leading them out of the consequences of sin into the joy of salvation.

Now that is a chance of a lifetime! Think Souls.

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