It’s All In The Planning…

Approaching the end of November is always a reminder of Thanksgiving. Everyone seems to enjoy the time together with family and friends while enjoying a delicious meal.

More often than not, the male side of the equation is not as in tune with the planning that goes into the wonderful activities of the day. The female side of this equation, however, knows it is all in the planning.

From the time I was a child I witnessed my grandmother, mother, and now my wife, plan for weeks in advance for one meal.

The menu must be just right (although it is generally the same each year), the perfect ingredients purchased, and the timing of when to begin the cooking process must follow schedule.

I wonder what our leadership would look like if we gave the same attention to planning in the various areas of developing who we are as a leader, the activities we pursue toward the goal, and the preparation of others to reach their potential.

Considering the whole of spiritual leaders, we can easily say “It’s all in the planning.”

1 comment on “It’s All In The Planning…

  1. oldchuck says:

    Well now, I ALWAYS PLAN ahead of this meal to get in shape to eat my full share. I ALWAYS start thanking the cook/cooks well ahead of the meal so I am offered an extra piece of pumpkin pie.

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