Around The World In .008 Seconds…

I remember seeing the movie based on Jules Verne’s book Around The World In 80 Days. Just the thought of traveling in a hot air balloon around the world was exciting. The places to see and people to meet, the adventure all seemed thrilling.

Advancing to the 21st century has ushered in a few changes. Seeing places, meeting people, or experiencing adventure no longer takes 80 days, or 80 minutes, or even 80 seconds.  In less than one-second, with the touch of a button, all of these can be experienced through the internet.

Technology has certainly changed the way we view, and how our life is connected to, the world.

Leading in such a time has caused us to drastically rethink how we approach relationships with family, friends, and organizations, including the church.

The speed of communication has made it possible to address matters instantly that took months just a few years ago.

What this means for leaders is an opportunity for expediting the message of the gospel to the world. How are we using the tools God has given us to communicate the hope of Christianity?

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