Leadership Word Of The Week…Dedicated

Today’s post is dedicated to one of the most special leaders in my walk through life. The dedicated leader I am talking about is the woman I married over 30 years ago.

She understands dedication to a fault.

She is dedicated to her God. First, and foremost, she knows her life belongs to the Almighty. She dedicated herself to following Him, wherever that leads and whatever it takes.

She is dedicated to her children. I have witnessed the sacrifices made, love expressed, sleepless nights, cold meals, and a willingness to do anything needed to see her children get to heaven.

She is dedicated to her grandchildren. As with our children, even more so for her grandchildren. I smile at the look on her face just to talk to them, cuddle them, and watch them grow.

She is dedicated to me. No words are adequate to describe all she has endured in helping me develop into the Christian husband, father, grandfather, and friend I need to be.

For all of these reasons, and many more, I dedicate this post to her on this special day, her birthday. I love you!

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