Directionally Challenged…

The idea is simply stating the obvious, “I have no idea where I am going.”

Leadership that is directionally challenged is not really leadership at all. If we do not know where we are going, how can lead anyone there?

Directionally challenged spiritual leadership is an even greater problem.

What can we do to help address and overcome the problem of being directionally challenged?

Set smart goals. Goals need to be specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, and time bound. If we will set smart goals, knowing our direction is never a problem.

Look to the finish line. Distractions surround us and when we take our eye off the finish line we can easily get off course.

Trust in the Word. We live in a time where numerous voices vie to be heard. Who and what are we listening to and why? One source is constant, the word of God. Listen to it!

Be open to learn. Once we feel we already know it all, we are in trouble. Never stop learning and being open to learn. We might be surprised.

Options abound, but knowing where we are going eliminates most challenges.

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