The Value Of Identification…

Several months ago I received an identification lanyard for when I travel to Cameroon. The purpose is to identify myself to authorities concerning what I do, who I am affiliated with, and why I am there.

The ability to identify these three areas plays a significant role in connection to our leadership.

How would we identify what we do? The focus of our activities indicates a significant role. If our focus is physically oriented, then our role deals with a more materialistic approach. However, if our focus is spiritual, then our role has a heavenly determination.

How would we identify who we are affiliated with? When others look at us they should be able to identify who we are affiliated with, or perhaps who we belong to? If we belong to Christ, then our character will reflect a Christlike spirit.

How would we identify the reason we are here? Why are we here? The activities we carry out should clearly identify the reason we are here?

A few simple questions can help us consider the value of identifying what, who, and how when it comes to our leadership.

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