What Will We Leave Behind?

One of the most impressive areas of leadership does not involve what has been accomplished. Rather, it involves our legacy.

Chris Musgrove said, “Success is not measured by what you are leaving to, but what you are leaving behind.”

Thinking of all the accomplishments of leadership, nothing will be more important than leaving a legacy.

Among the ideas regarding legacy, perhaps the most significant is the need to live the legacy we want to leave.

There will not be a second chance to leave it when we are gone.

Drawing near to the end of life is too late. We must begin living it now. We must be what we want others to be.

Faith, trust, integrity, credibility, understanding, patience, and a good work ethic are but a few.

In spiritual leadership, the idea of our legacy needs to be a greater priority. Ultimately, it comes down to recognizing the need to duplicate our leadership.

John Maxwell is famous for saying, “If you want to grow, lead followers. If you want to multiply, then lead leaders.”

When it is all said and done, what will we leave behind?

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