Leadership Word Of The Week…Motivation

What motivates us? Success? Money? Security? Relationships? Power? Survival? Growth?

Whatever it is, we need to know the necessity of motivating others as a leader. Knowing how to motivate others involves knowing how to stimulate or excite action toward desired interests.

Reading through the New Testament provides a number of examples that help us learn the power of motivation, but not in the way one might think.

The motive for being first or greatest in the kingdom is about being a servant of all.

The motive for receiving is based on presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice to the Lord.

The motive for being blessed is about giving to others, rather than receiving.

The motive for not forsaking our assembling is through exciting others to love and good works.

Our list could go on, but think about the spiritual leadership we are offering others. Are we motivating others toward the desired interests? Are we setting the example based on what motivates us in the same direction?

Here is where our leadership begins. We must be motivated to motivate others to an eternal home.

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