How Can We Determine Success?

The answer to this question may greatly depend on what we want to achieve. The fact that success is defined in numerous ways increases the challenge of how we determine success in our lives.

As leaders within the spiritual setting, the ultimate determination of success will be made on the other side, at the throne of God.

Until then, however, there are some ways we can consider to determine success.

1) Having smart goals and plans to reach those goals is the foundation for success.

2) Continuing to grow and develop in relationship to God and others will always be a formula for success.

3) Using the truth of God’s word as the standard for our decisions results in success.

4) Assisting others in reaching their potential, and seeing they have the tools to do so, brings success.

5) Never allowing failure to be final will always bring success.

6) Knowing God…

I realize there are other ways to determine or define success, but if we can implement a few ideas from the beginning success will follow.

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