Twas The Night Before…

The obvious question is the night before what?

As with each of you, I have heard and read “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” From this poem a number of important thoughts stand out. The parallels to leadership can be quite interesting.

There is always hope of knowing that leadership will show up to provide the direction needed.

Vision is a key component to the success of any leader, and vision must be shared with others.

Leaders cannot afford to hesitate. They must always be ready to spring into action quickly.

Expecting the unexpected prepares leaders for any event, even if it is not what they expected.

No words can express the value and importance of remembering names.

Sometimes leaders need to get dirty to get the job done.

Never forget the importance of making a good first impression. Smile!

Life is too short. Enjoy the little things.

The reward comes at the end.

Take a few minutes to read the poem again and see the connections. Lessons in leadership can be learned just about everywhere, even in a Christmas poem.

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