Let’s Get Started…

Now that we have all the hoopla of the New Year’s Eve celebrations behind us, it is time to get started.

Apart from the challenges of learning to write 2013 instead of 2012 (usually takes about a month for me), what areas do we need to get started on regarding our leadership?

We need to take the adequate time to evaluate what has been done over the past year. The only true picture for the year ahead is built upon understanding past failures and successes.

We need to implement the proper changes necessary to bring appropriate growth. Change is essential to growth, but understanding the proper changes is the key.

We need to provide our full support to the individuals who will contribute to the changes. Remember that any progress made by proposed changes will not be made alone.

We need to work according to available resources. Using and building upon our strengths will increase our strengths for greater stability and development.

Avoid procrastination and pursue dedication. Seek out and follow the counsel of those who are closest. Give your best to every endeavor.

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