In Sync…

What does being “in sync” have to do with leadership and why is it important enough to write about?

The idea of being in sync means something is working well together. There is harmony or agreement when a leader is in sync. We do not have to look far to understand why leaders need to be in sync with followers.

As a leader, how can we determine when we are in sync?

First, and the most obvious, when leaders and followers are working well together to reach a common goal, they are in sync.

Second, when there is understanding of objectives and harmony demonstrated in achieving them, they are in sync.

Third, even though there will be times when we are standing on opposite sides of a position, our love for each other helps us remain in sync.

A brief summary will show that our action, coupled with the right attitude and motives, will always provide the basis for harmony and agreement. We will be in sync.

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