Rise of the Guardians… Part 3

Guarding the faith of Christians is difficult for any age, and our current culture is no exception.

Leaders must be on the alert concerning the working of Satan to destroy the faith of God’s people. We need to rise up to guard, protect, and overcome his attacks. Sadly, we find these attacks from the world and within the church.

Another area where Satan works from within the church is with the use of the tongue.

Scripture speaks of the powerful nature of the tongue, both positive and negative. The tongue can be used to build up and encourage, but it is also said to be an “unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” Keep in mind James was writing to Christians.

When Christians participate in gossip, ridicule, speaking against brothers and sisters in Christ, then we allow ourselves to become a tool of Satan, destroying the faith of others.

Leaders need conviction to prevent Satan from using Christians in this way. Whether through Facebook, texting, face to face, talking to someone else, or some other means, the use of the tongue in such ways should not only be discouraged, but stopped.

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