Another Child Is Born…

One week ago today our daughter-in-law went into labor and gave birth on Friday to our 8th grandchild. As this child was born into the world a number of leadership thoughts came to mind.

First, his name is Nehemiah. If you are unfamiliar with this Old Testament leader, please read the book. Enough said.

Second, seeing a second generation within the family reminds me of my own leadership of the father who will lead this child to maturity and eternity.

Third, I have prayed every day from the time we knew our daughter-in-law would have a boy that Nehemiah would live up to his Biblical namesake.

Fourth, there is just something special about knowing a child is being born into a Christian home that will provide a spiritual and godly foundation. From this foundation Nehemiah will lead.

I am constantly amazed how God has created and given life to us. I am also in awe of the opportunities we have to lead within our families and I look forward to watching our son and daughter-in-law grow as parents of their first child.

Being a “pa-pa” has its advantages!

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  1. Betty Nelson says:

    Forever amazed at all of God’s plans for our lives . As a nana for the first and more than likely the one and only time. It is truly amazing to be a grand parent and all the responsibility we have to teach them to love the Lord. Wayne and I are making a notebook The Love of God with all we want her to learn from God’s Word. We know her parents are going to teach her but we may not be here long enough for her to get to know all “we” want to share. It’s about 2 inches deep…keep adding more and more. Using Wayne’s life of Christ class to complete it. Congratulations to Nehemiah for being blessed to be born in such a wonderful Christian family.

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