Rise of the Guardians… Part 5a

Satan’s attacks are destroying the faith of many. How to face this situation and overcome has plagued the minds of leaders for centuries.

As we have mentioned, the most prevalent way to meet Satan head on is by knowing how he attacks. Here is where leaders must rise up and guard the faith of Christians.

One specific area Satan has used to destroy the faith of Christians is materialism. I have seen the affects of materialism in my own life and in others.

The struggle is not one that exists only in the United States. I have seen this issue in every country I have visited around the world.

The desire to have the “things” of this world is epidemic. Sadly, it creates other sinful attitudes and issues.

We can easily develop envy, jealousy, greed and idolatry.

I wish there was one piece of advice that would provide the answer, but there is not. Leaders must set an example and seek ways to assist others who are struggling.

Perhaps the first step would be to spend time seeking God’s help. More to come next week…

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  1. Maybe I missed something here, brother Bob, but I believe I Jn, 2:15-17 is “one piece of advice that would provide the answer.” That is, if people believe it.

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