A Blueprint Of A Leader…Vision

One of the essentials to leadership is vision. Each year I require students to do an assignment where they interview a political, educational, cooperate and religious leader. One of the questions they ask involves the most important quality to the organization; core values, mission, or vision.

I am always fascinated as to which leaders claim vision to be the most important and to read their explanation.

In the construction industry, leaders who examine blueprints must have an ability to see the finished product in their mind. Only when they can see it in their mind can they follow the blueprint accurately.

Spiritual leaders must have the same ability. To help Christians reach the goals set before them, leaders must see what it looks like in their mind.

Casting this kind of vision before others will help them stay focused and energized for the journey.

Mistakes are easily made in the construction phases when there is no vision. As Solomon wrote, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained” (Pro. 29:18).

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