Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Please continue to give your brethren the opportunity to share in relieving the concerns experienced by your family, as well as by others near and dear.” Bob Prater

Brother Prater serves in the mission field of Germany and has helped in other areas of Extension Training.

During a time when I was asking for others to be praying about a special need within our family, brother Prater sent me the statement above.

I was reminded of how important it is to live the Christian life as a community, a family. When we take opportunity to share the concerns we experience within our physical families, it helps strengthen us as a spiritual family and builds greater relationships with one another.

Regardless of where we live on this earth, we have a common bond because of Jesus and it binds us together. Let us help relieve the burdens and concerns we experience with each other and build a greater family for the Lord.

I am thankful for Bob Prater and the multitude of others who have relieved my concerns in lifting their hearts in prayer before our God.

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