What Is The Forecast?

Traveling these past few weeks has brought several changes in the weather. We have gone from freezing temperatures to hot and humid. We have seen sunshine and hurricane-like rain. All these changes cause us to frequently check the forecast in each location where we are traveling.

The meteorologist may not always get the forecast right, but as technology improves so does the accuracy of the weather.

The same should be true of leadership. Wonderful tools are available at our fingertips to improve our ability to lead. However, there are several questions we need to consider regarding our approach to leading with these possibilities.

Are we using these tools to help us improve our leadership?

How are we using these tools to benefit the lives of those who follow?

Do we make excuses for why we are not using these tools, or work to learn how to use them?

One day we will be held accountable for the avenues, opportunities, and tools God has entrusted to our spiritual leadership.

We must not excuse ourselves by saying we did not want to learn how to use it.

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